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You are told by us about 10 Best Souvenirs to get in Bangkok

You are told by us about 10 Best Souvenirs to get in Bangkok

Your Bangkok journey is finally visiting end and it’s also time and energy to think about what to recreate home for the family members and buddies.

There’s absolutely no shortage of souvenir things to get in Bangkok, from delicious Thai treats, unique silver jewelry, and uncommon collectibles. Your face will spin when trying surely to pick things to purchase.

To assist you together with your dilemma, here’s a rundown of 10 most readily useful souvenirs to purchase in Bangkok. These products are uniquely Thai and certainly will certainly remind you of one’s time that is wonderful at Asia’s “City of Angels”.

1. Thai Silk Items

Such a thing made from authentic Thai silk is unique due to the hand process that is weaving its manufacturing. Caterpillars that produce the normal protein fibre will also be particularly given on a strict diet of mulberry leaves. The effect may be the soft and cloth that is delicate may be changed to a scarf, a tie, a pillow address, a pillow address, a case or perhaps a wallet.

Any girl from the end that is receiving of souvenir will be pleased aided by the beauty for the present. A silk tie or top comes with the energy to create a grin up to a man’s face. These souvenirs may be fit and folded effortlessly in your baggage

BEST GIFT SUGGESTIONS FOR Wife, mother, and feminine buddies

PORTABLE AMOUNT An Easy Task To manage

BUDGET RANGE 150 to 6,000 shower ($4.00 to $170.00)

WHERE YOU CAN purchase

  • Jim Thompson outlets for good quality items. A branch is had by them in the airport. (check their factory sale outlet out at 153 Soi Sukhumvit 93, Bangchak, Phakanong, Bangkok; Phone: 02-332-6530-4 Ext: 11-13)
  • Chinatown for cheaper alternatives (be cautious about fake Thai silk! )

2. Thai Spices

If you wish to bring the flavor of Thai home, you then must grab some Thai spices before your journey. These come dried as well as in vacuum-sealed packages so that you don’t want to bother about their strong aromas while traveling on a car. Chili pastes and hot sauces are additionally bottled in air-tight containers. Simply look at your nation customs that are’s to avoid issues.

This souvenir is ideal if you value to prepare and would like to recreate that yummy Pad Thai or Tom Yum you had in Bangkok.

BEST GIFT SUGGESTIONS yourself, family, buddies, and co-workers that are keen on cooking


PRICE RANGE 10 to 300 baht ($0.30 to 9.00)


  • Gourmet marketplace branches
  • Chatuchak Market
  • Small India (Phahurat)
  • Spice Tale

3. Thai Salon Items

After finding its way back from an extended journey that is overseas may want to soothe your thoughts and the body with important natural natural oils and scented candles. Thailand is a good source for such spa items and bringing house some yourself along with friends and family is really an idea that is wonderful.

Herbal massage packs, carved soaps, base soaks, and the body scrubs may also be on the list of top favorites. If you should be purchasing for a person, choose massage and soothing balms.

BEST PRESENTS FOR: Wife, mother, feminine friends and co-workers


COST RANGE: 40 to 1,000 baht ($1.00 to $28.00)


  • Supermarkets for locally produced shower and human anatomy services and products
  • Harnn outlets for good quality products
  • Bath & Bloom outlets

4. Thai Coconut Oil Products

Coconut oil happens to be gaining increasingly more appeal in modern times due to its many advantages. For women, it really is a fruitful pure beauty product that can help in moisturizing epidermis and protecting locks from harm. In addition it will act as a sunscreen.

This oil that is magical virtually available any place in Bangkok (and any place in Thailand, mom land of coconut). Seek out English labels to understand the type or variety of coconut oil that you will be purchasing. Popular items consist of virgin coconut oil, coconut oil hair items, and coconut oil shower products.

BEST PRESENTS FOR: Wife, mother, feminine friends and co-workers


AVERAGE PRICE: 250 baht ($7.00)

WHERE YOU CAN purchase

  • Major supermarkets and conventional areas
  • Wellness & beauty stores

5. Thai Handicrafts

A exploration that is quick of popular areas will introduce your self to an array of Thai handicrafts. These products that are beautiful artwork in on their own and they are painstakingly handcrafted by neighborhood artisans. It is possible to pick from triangle cushions, wicker baskets, pottery dishes, lacquerware, or carvings that are wooden.

If you wish to breath new way life into the family area with a little Thai, then Thai handcrafted cushions are simply the best things. Rather than buying packed cushions, it is possible to uniquely go for the created covers and material them your self when you are getting house.

Look at your nation customs that are’s before generally making a purchase. Be sure that the fibers that are natural in your desired souvenir items are accepted in the traditions.

BEST PRESENTS FOR: moms and dads, boss and yourself

PORTABLE AMOUNT: From manageable to hard to handle

COST RANGE: 300 to 1500 baht ($8 to $42)


  • Chatuchak Market
  • Bangkok Chinatown (Yaowarat)
  • Silom Village

6. Thai Snacks

Can’t get an adequate amount of durian potato potato chips? Don’t fret! It is possible to purchase and collect these “love it or hate it munchies along with other popular Thai treats.

Certified foodies will cherish the durian potato potato chips as well as other exotic treats. Purchasing for children? Get some good coconut candy! Other suggested items consist of dried squid, seaweed snack, pork floss, crispy pork sticks, and potato that is exotic-flavored.

Thai edible souvenirs are plentiful within the snacks portion of any supermarket that is leading.

BEST GIFTS FOR: Children, buddies, and co-workers

PORTABLE DEGREE: An Easy Task To manage

COST RANGE: 50 to 300 baht ($1.40 to $8.24)


  • Gourmet outlets
  • Significant supermarkets
  • Chinatown

7. Thai Silver Jewelry

Precious precious precious Jewelry as gift ideas is often a winner. In Bangkok, you can purchase top quality silver precious jewelry at good rates.

To make certain that the silver items you are likely to purchase is genuine, search for the. 925 stamp meaning the product consists of 92.5% silver. You can even select the top quality mountain tribe silver pieces which can be made from 99% silver. These bracelets that are unique ear bands and necklaces are painstakingly handcrafted by tribal folks in Northern Thailand.

Know that some vendors sell replicas of hill tribe silver services and products. You can shop online through their official sites if you want to help the tribes. This guarantees the authenticity associated with the items and also the monetary benefits the tribes may have.

BEST PRESENTS FOR: Spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, moms and dads

PORTABLE DEGREE: Very Easy To manage

BUDGET RANGE: 180 to 18,000 baht ($5.00 – $500.00)


  • Khao San Path
  • Charoen Krung Path
  • Silom Path
  • Chatuchak Market

8. Thai Trinkets

If you’re doing a bit of last-minute souvenir searching for your pals home, it is possible to get different knick-knacks which can be nevertheless uniquely Thai.

Add-ons, key chains, coin purses, and tiny elephant-designed products are simply a few of the items that you can aquire from the majority of souvenir shops in Bangkok. If you’re operating away from time, purchase these trinkets during the airport’s souvenir shops.

For most readily useful bargains, purchase in bulk. A lot of those souvenirs can be bought in packages of 5 or 6 at cheaper costs, whenever compared with when buying separately.

BEST PRESENTS FOR: Buddies and co-workers

PORTABLE AMOUNT: Very Easy To manage

AVERAGE PRICE: 40 baht ($0.50)


  • MBK Mall
  • Other malls that are major
  • Chatuchak Market weekend
  • Airport’s souvenir stores

9. Thai Antiques

Genuine antiques are rare and expensive in Bangkok. Using house these things are produced harder by strict federal federal government laws.

Be aware that bringing Buddha statues away from Thailand is forbidden. Exactly the same applies to other things that are thought as an element of Thai heritage that is national. You’ll want to secure a permit through the Fine Arts Department out of the country before you can bring them. Many traditional dealers can direct you towards processing the license.

The classic souvenir things that you are able to easily recreate home are simple replicas, which look plenty just like the originals. These replicas are nevertheless worthy souvenirs for ornamental purposes.

BEST PRESENTS FOR: Enthusiasts, boss, yourself

PORTABLE DEGREE: Difficult To handle

BUDGET RANGE: From 2,000 baht ($50.00) and above

WHERE YOU CAN purchase

  • River City Advanced
  • Silom Village
  • Chatuchak Market

10. Muay Thai Shorts

Muay Thai gears have actually recently become a souvenir that is favorite among tourists. You can easily provide these cheap, comfortable-to-wear shorts to your spouse, son, or a male buddy who’s a big Muay Thai fan.

These wearable souvenirs are virtually available any place in Bangkok, from air-conditioned malls to open-air areas.

To perform the ability, you can also go to a Muay Thai camp watching battles or perhaps trained by specialists!

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